Looking After Your Surgical Incision

Looking After Your Surgical Incision

This page describes Mr Bowyer’s advice to his patients after foot and ankle; other surgeons may recommend different regimes; you should always check with the surgeon who has done your operation.

Gavin BowyerWhen the dressings come off and any sutures are removed the wound will often look like this.

It is now safe to clean the incision, and the nurses in outpatients will do this for you before you go home from clinic. You will be given advice about when to start leaving the wound open without a dressing, and when you can bath or shower without any dressing or cover on the incision – usually at about 10-14 days after the operation.

Look after the scar by keeping it clean. Use a small amount of good quality hand cream to rub gently in to the scar each morning and each evening – only a small dot of cream is needed. This helps the scar to soften and mature, reduces swelling and helps reduce any sensitivity in the scar.

Do report any concerns you have about oozing or discharge, redness of the operation site or increasing pain and swelling – infections are not common, but can usually be effectively and rapidly dealt with if they occur.

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