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Ankle Arthroscopy
Many operations can now be performed through “key-hole” incisions. This is called an Arthroscopy. Arthroscopies have advantages over conventional surgery, as many of the possible risks of complications are… Read More

Ankle Exercises and Return to Sport
The exercises shown here are commonly used in ankle injuries and for rehabilitation after surgery. It is, of course, important to tailor the exercises to the condition being treated, and your physiotherapist or… Read More

Ankle Fusion
When an ankle has moderate to severe arthritis, the friction caused when the two surfaces of the joint move together can cause pain. By preventing movement the pain can be severely reduced or even abolished. An ankle fusion… Read More

Ankle Replacement
Arthritis of the ankle can occur following injuries, as well as occurring as we get older through the normal wear and tear of our lives. An ankle with arthritis is often stiff and painful, but as it progresses the ankle may… Read More

Bunion Surgery
Surgery may be necessary to remove the overgrown tissue (bunion) and correct the position of the first toe by realigning the bones. This is usually performed on a short-stay basis (you go home the same day or next morning)… Read More

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a treatment method that delivers impulses of energy to targeted tissues of the body. The impulses can be aimed at areas in which there are problems such as tendonitis or fasciitis… Read More

Hammer Toe Correction
When footwear alterations, padding or chiropody do not help, surgery may be indicated. Surgery is usually performed as a day case, often under a short general anaesthetic. Surgery comprises correction of the toe… Read More

Heel Exercises
Lean forward against a wall, keeping one knee straight while you bend the other knee. (If both of your heels hurt, then you need to reverse this position after you have exercised each heel. If only one of your heels hurts… Read More

Looking After Your Surgical Incision
When the dressings come off and any sutures are removed the wound will often look like this. It is now safe to clean the incision, and the nurses in outpatients will do this for you before you go home from clinic… Read More

A prescription foot orthosis is an in-shoe brace which is designed to correct for abnormal foot and lower extremity function thus reducing the strain on injured structures in the foot and lower extremity. Foot orthoses help… Read More

Sporting Injuries to the Foot and Ankle
Ankle injuries are very common, and are covered in their own section on the website. Other injuries and soft tissue problems also occur in sport, and some of those are covered here… Read More